Importance of Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a process of preparing for the unforeseen in life. Without even realizing it, you have likely engaged in the Estate Planning process most of your adult life – for example, taking out a life insurance policy, naming beneficiaries on your retirement plan, or when you are strategizing on how to preserve family heirlooms. By working with an experienced attorney, a Comprehensive Estate Plan will include nominations of guardians for any minor children, document your wishes in the event of your own incapacity, and help preserve your assets from creditors. Our Estate Plans include important legacy planning documents such as the Living Will, The Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and advanced directives.

There are countless reasons why being prepared with your Estate Plan is important! Some of the key reasons individuals seek to complete their Estate Plan include –

  1. Asset Protection
  2. Save on Taxes
  3. Gives you control over the management of your assets
  4. Ensure your important health-care wishes are met in the event of emergency circumstances
  5. Appoint key representatives to look after you, minor children or your assets if you are unable to do so
  6. Gives you a platform to continue your philanthropic efforts 
  7. and more!

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