Packages & Pricing

Options to fit your needs and budget.

Individual Estate Planning Documents We offer individual Estate Planning documents for individuals looking for particular documents, or those desiring to work on their Estate Plan a little at a time. We understand, and are able to help you with your needs.


Comprehensive Estate Planning Packages For individuals or families looking for a complete Estate Plan, we offer comprehensive packages to meet your needs. Packages are available for individuals or couples, and offer added savings!


Our Modern Approach to Pricing. ​If you have ever hired an attorney to assist you in review of a contract or similar matter, you are probably familiar with the traditional law firm billing structure. In the traditional structure, still followed by many law firms today, you begin by participating in an initial consultation with an attorney in which you decide whether you will hire the lawyer to represent you professionally. Typically, you will hire the lawyer on an hourly basis for services to be performed, and are required to provide a initial retainer payment to commence services. These hourly fees can become substantial without any assurance for the client concerning scope of fees or how your objectives will be accomplished.

At J M Love Law, we strive to provide our clients with simple flat-fee packages that meet your needs while providing professional and diligent service! Why does this matter? Flat-fee packages are beneficial to the client in several ways: Flat-fee packages are beneficial to the client in several ways –

  1. Allows you to plan and prepare your budget accordingly with less surprises,
  2. Gives you control over what services you are receiving,
  3. Less hassle for the client as you don't have to review and pay monthly invoices for legal fees billed per hour.

Why should I consider Packages for Estate Planning? Packages of documents are important in Estate Planning because there are certain necessary documents that interrelate with one another to form a comprehensive Estate Plan. Oftentimes a client will inquire about obtaining a single document, without fully understanding the complimentary role of the supporting Estate Plan documents. By design, there is some overlap in powers granted by each of the unique Estate Planning documents. Each document provides protection and additional control over the emergency planning process.

At J M Love Law, we believe in compassionate communication with our clients to fully understand your needs, goals and expectations. During your initial client consultation, we will discuss your unique circumstances and provide our recommendation as to the best course of action to meet your needs and goals. We will customize and tailor our services and packages to meet your needs and fit your budget! We also do Revocable Trusts.

Estate Planning Packages

Note: Package pricing may vary based upon your unique circumstances and needs. Pricing plans are available for Single Individuals and Couples (married or non-traditional) as needed. Single document preparation is also available on a “per item” basis.​

Single Document Drafting Services

For those interested in obtaining single or particular documents only, or those desiring to work on their Estate Plan a little at a time, we also offer single document drafting services. We understand, and we can tailor our services to fit your needs!

Probate Services... Simplified

We help you navigate the legal requirements after the loss of a loved one. We offer simplified probate administration solutions to help you when you need it most! Flat-fee pricing will be based upon Florida Statutes or may be determined upon agreement with client based upon estate complexity and extent of services required.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." - Warren Buffet


There is no denying the impact of technology and internet on the availability of obtaining forms and "DIY" videos online - even for legal services! While we are advocates of saving money whenever possible, we want to advise our clients to be wary of online legal services. When it comes to important legal documents such as contracts, Estate Planning and Probate, DIY forms may be more harmful in the long run.

As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." This is oftentimes very true, especially when it comes to legal services.  Most low-cost Estate Plans or contract templates you find online are missing critical information that could make your legal document unenforceable.

In the realm of Estate Planning and Probate, the requirements are often state-specific, and Florida has very particular requirements that must be followed in order to ensure your documents are valid and enforceable.

Did you know that most "do-it-yourself" Estate Planning service options you find online are not run by lawyers?! Oftentimes, these quick and easy fillable forms pay a flat-fee for online are not created or managed by Florida lawyers and may be missing critical information.  When it comes to the protection of your legacy, trust a legal professional to guide you through the correct legal process! Our experienced attorneys are available to help you through the process easily, seamlessly, with confidence.