Durable Power of Attorney


A Power of Attorney document allows an individual to give someone else the power to act on his/her behalf to manage financial or other property matters. The client can utilize this document to authorize an agent to handle a variety of matters, including those involving real or personal property and personal care, such as living arrangements, meals, and transportation (these matters are distinct from medical or health care decisions).

Durable Power of Attorney is typically included in Estate Planning, and utilized alongside Designations of Health Care Surrogate. Clients with children approaching the age of 18 may not realize that they can no longer act on their child’s behalf once the child turns 18 without a Power of Attorney. A power of attorney allows the parents to continue to help make important decisions for their child and to act on behalf of the child while the child is a young adult. A Designation of Health Care Surrogate, Power of Attorney, and other advance planning may lessen or avoid the need for a guardianship on the principal’s incapacity.

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